Group Share

If multiple people need to use the same tracker, you can enable 'Find-it mode' and share it with others through the 'Group Share' option. Trackers can be shared via QR code.

> See Video Below

Step 1

1. Open the Nut app.

Step 2

2. Tap 'Anti-loss' in the bottom left.

Step 3

3. Select the desired tracker profile.

Step 4

4. Select the 'Find-it Mode' tab.

Step 5

5. Tap Share button

Step 6

6. Add people to manage the tracker by tapping the button in the top right.

Step 7

7. Choose to share by QR code. Steps to accept share request: QR Code - Download the Nut app, tap add and select the 'Scan QR Code' option. Note that the tracker will work on 'Find-it Mode' after being shared and it will only connect with your phone when you search for it.


Grou Share

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