Focus, Pro & Find 3 - Download and get setup

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Your tags are designed to suit your lifestyle so it's important that you complete the next steps carefully, set and forget and be sure - You'll find it!
Let's get started by downloading the Nut find app on your phone. Please search "nut find" in either the App Store or Google Play.

> See Video Below

Step 1

1.1. Download our app to your phone or device. Search “Nut Find” in the Google Play or App Store. 

Step 2

2.1. Open the app and create your account.
2.2. Add phone number and click “Acquire” to receive verification code. Enter code.
2.3. Create your password then click "Done"

Step 3

3.1. Select "Bind Bluetooth Tracker" or “Add Hardware” for android to bind your new NutTag with your account.

Step 4

4.1. Hold down the button on the face of the NutTag. The Tag will then make a sound and a light will appear.

4.2. Your app will now be able to see the Tag, please select to begin binding.

Step 5

5.1. Continue through the steps as prompted. Name the Tag and take a photo of the item it will be attached to for future reference.  

Click Finish to save!


Once done please don't forget to activate your warranty via the link below:

Set up part 1
Set Up part 2
Set Up part 3

Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.