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Channel 10 - SEEK GPS, Healthy Homes

Channel 10 Featured; NutTAG™ Award-winning tiny SEEK GPS is a must-have for families with children of all ages or elderly parents across Australia. As Australia Number One supplier of Personal GPS trackers and Safety/Duress alarms supplying the largest organisations.

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5 Reasons NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker for Pets is Best

Pets become members of our family. The thought of losing them is too painful. Whether you have a cat or dog, you want to ensure their safety. Keeping track of your precious pet is challenging.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

Protecting our children is the number one priority as parents, especially if they have special needs. We want to shield them from danger but also let them develop their own risk management skills. 

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SEEK GPS Tracker and Safety Alarm for Elderly

4 Lifesaving Reasons You Need SEEK GPS Tracker and Saftey Alarm for Elderly. 
Fall detection, emergency SOS, two-way voice communication, geofence alerts, Live tracking from anywhere on connected to an easy to use mobile app.  

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Compare Watches

Compare GPS Watch 4G GPS Watch & 3G GPS Watch Fundamental differences between models include style, functionality and technology. New 4G GPS Watch 3G GPS Watch Space Talk Tic Toc Track Features Cost Once off charge Once off charge Up front + monthly Up front + monthly Geo-fence/ Safety Region SOS Emergence Button Waterproof Video Calling Voice Calling Indoor Location Accuracy SMS Messaging Do not disturb Ultra-long Battery Life Instant Alerts Historical Location International Ready Advanced power modes Listen In / Monitor Pedometer Custom Alerts & Reminder Hardware Battery Life 1-7 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days Wifi Indoor...

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