SEEK GPS - Setup

All SEEK GPS devices have been preconfigured and ready to go out of the box.

You will be able to view the current location of your GPS device by logging into the web portal or mobile App. All additional functions can be adjusted via the 

web portal and limited functions and settings via the apps.
Additional features include geofencing, low battery alarm, over speed alarm, fall detection and SOS alerts and all notifications types. 


User Manual

You can download the SEEK GPS user manual via the link below;
SEEK GPS User_Manual PDF


The SMS alerts are an added extra, please see pricing breakdown below. 


SMS + CALL Alerts

Unlimited SMS alerts + unlimited calls ($20 per month, minimum 3 months) $60

50 SMS alerts per years $15

To turn off, hold SOS and side button for 5 seconds.
For further information please refer to our User Guide. 
Please see the steps below to ensure your device is activated correctly. 

You Web Portal

Mobile Apps - Search NutTAG GPS

iOS -



Quick Setup Guide -

Step 1

Charge if required (2 - 3 hours for 100%)

Step 2

Press side button once to turn on

Step 3

Wait for GPS fix to be gained (can take up to 5 minutes - faster if done outdoors).

Step 4

Download NutTAG GPS App and create an account
NutTAG App icon


Step 5

Follow onboarding steps to activate your device   



Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.