Deleting / Unbinding your NutTags

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If the NutTag has been paired with an app account, to successfully ‘deleted’ tags from your app and account you must follow the below instructions. To deleted’ or ‘unbind’ successfully the tag must be next the device and connected when deleting. If you require help please contact Live Chat or email back directly.   

The tags must be next to your phone and connected to the internet when doing so. 

> “Anti-loss” (bottom left)

> Click on the tag 

> Click the dots (top right)  

> Unbind 

> See Video Below

Step 1

1. Open app. 

Step 2

2. Click on "Anti-loss" bottom left

Step 3

3. Select the tag profile you would like to delete / unbind, form the list.

Step 4

4. Select the three dots top right hand corner.

Step 5

5. Select delete or unbind depending on iOS of Android.   

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