5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

Protecting our children is the number one priority as parents, especially if they have special needs. We want to shield them from danger but also let them develop their own risk management skills. 

5 Ways SEEK GPS Tracker for Kids Will Keep Them Safe

Protecting our children is the number one priority as parents, especially if they have special needs like autism. We want to shield them from danger but also let them develop their own risk management skills. Naturally, this step is difficult for parents with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). According to the latest from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, autism has drastically increased across the country. It’s estimated that 1 in 70 people have autism, an increase of 40% since 2014. While this data seems disheartening, there is hope for parents with special needs kids. Recent advances in GPS tracking device technology has made it easier to protect your children, while letting them roam free. Global Positioning System or GPS is used for real-time tracking. It’s one of the best ways to keep track of your loved ones. NutTAG is a leading specialist in GPS tracking devices. Their cutting-edge technology lets you keep an eye on your precious kids when they walk home from school or when you are on vacation. The SEEK GPS tag is the world’s smallest and lightest tracking device. You can attach it to anything from your child’s school bag to their keyrings. These tags have international roaming capabilities, so you can use them anywhere in the world. NutTAG recently launched a new GPS Smart Watch. You can easily track them on the online portal or app in real-time. Here are the top five reasons you need NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker for kids.


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1. You can set up a geo-fence and safety region

With NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracking tag and Smart Watch, you can self-manage and customise your safe zones. Geo-fences are easy to set up and monitor as needed. As soon as your child leaves your designated safety region, a notification will be sent to the mobile app and the online portal. You can save the route your kids usually use if they walk to school; any deviations from this path will trigger an alert that is sent immediately. If your child has special needs like autism, you can easily set a safety region to ensure they never wonder too far while exploring the world. This is especially helpful if you live near large bodies of water, like the ocean or a dam, because children with autism love water.


2. Receive Emergency SOS Alerts and Instant Notifications

Children are naturally curious; they want to explore the world around them. You will always know what’s happening with SEEK GPS tracking devices. Emergency SOS alerts and instant notifications are sent if your child leaves your geo-fence zone, falls, has a collision or when the device's battery is getting too low. These are sent as push notifications in the app or via email and SMS. Voice calls can also be made. While SMS set up does come at an extra cost, it’s nothing compared to the peace of mind you’ll have to know your child is safe. SEEK GPS devices have


3. Use two-way audio communication in emergencies

The SEEK GPS tracking tag and Smart Watch are equipped with a two-way audio communication system. You can speak over your tracking device in the same way as a mobile phone. Children with autism and other special needs are often overwhelmed in daily situations, but even more so in an emergency. The two-way audio communication feature lets you speak to your precious child to establish the severity of any crisis, but also help them calm down until help arrives. At an extra cost, you can enable the outbound call feature, so your child can call you if necessary.


4. SEEK GPS has an ultra-long battery life and is water resistant

NutTAG has spent many years developing the best technology for their various tracking devices. SEEK GPS tracking tags and Smart Watch have exceptionally long battery life. They can last anywhere from 6-36 hours when used regularly or 2-4 days when on standby. These tracking devices are also water-resistant, according to the IP65 standard, to ensure children with autism can be monitored at all times, even in the water.


5. NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker can be used internationally

One of the best features of NutTAG’s SEEK GPS trackers for kids is that they can be used internationally. The SEEK GPS has a band of 900MHZ to 850MHz, while the Smart Watch has a band of 900MHz, making them suitable for most popular travel destinations. NutTAG’s amazing staff will help you find and set up the best device for you.


Keep your kids safe today

These are the top five ways NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracking devices for kids will keep your precious children safe. There are a host of other features like the “do not disturb” settings, so the devices won’t be a distraction during your chosen hours; historical location records that let you see where your child has been over the past 40 days; a step counter to monitor their daily activity and calorie use; and an onboard camera to capture photos and videos at any time for added safety. If your child has special needs like autism, then visit NutTAG’s website today to find out more about how they can help you.

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