SEEK GPS Tracker and Safety Alarm for Elderly

SEEK GPS Tracker and Safety Alarm for Elderly

4 Lifesaving Reasons You Need SEEK GPS Tracker and Saftey Alarm for Elderly. 
Fall detection, emergency SOS, two-way voice communication, geofence alerts, Live tracking from anywhere on connected to an easy to use mobile app.  

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SEEK GPS tracker for elderly

4 Lifesaving Reasons You Need SEEK GPS Tracker for Elderly

Family makes life worth living. We want our family members to live long and fruitful lives. Medical advancement has prolonged the lives of many yet hasn’t removed all problems associated with ageing. Mental health conditions afflict several elderly people, with 1 in 10 Australians over the age of 65 suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. NutTAG’s SEEK GPS is designed to improve the lives of those suffering with these diseases and those who love them. Caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. Recent developments in elderly assistive technology has transformed lives. The revolutionary technology of NutTAG’s SEEK GPS has helped families across Australia keep ageing parents or grandparents safe, relieving stress and bringing life back into their homes. Knowing you can protect your loved one is invaluable. From fall detection to SOS alerts and emergency alarms, here are the top 4 lifesaving reasons you need NutTAG’s SEEK GPS Tracker.


1. SEEK GPS has Fall Detection and Two-Way Voice Features

Fall detection is crucial when caring for older family members. NutTAG’s SEEK GPS Tracker is water resistant and has a specialised feature that immediately notifies you or a caregiver when a fall occurs. Using emergency alarms, notifications are sent to the App or via SMS for those who don’t have it. You can then take quick action to ensure the safety of your loved one. Once a fall has been detected, you can use the two-way voice feature. A call is placed to the SEEK GPS and automatically answered, so you can speak to your loved one right away. Emergency alarms can be activated to guarantee you never miss a notification. The fall detection feature can save your relatives' life.


2. Wandering and Geo-Fence Alerts Make Tracking Simpler

Wandering is common in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and can cause great distress in those who care for them. NutTAG’s SEEK GPS is equipped with real-time GPS positioning so you can track the movements and location of your loved one from anywhere. Geo-fence alerts are sent to you when relatives wander outside the designated safe zone. You can then contact someone to take them back to safety if you’re unable to do it. These features reduce the chances of losing your loved one because of wandering. With regular use, the battery will last between 2 – 15 days, based on the chosen power saving mode. Otherwise, the battery will last for 28 days on locate mode. This prolongs the safety of your loved one.


3. SOS Alerts Ensure Ultimate Protection

SOS Alerts are crucial in helping an elderly loved one and are a key feature of NutTAG’s SEEK GPS. A family member that finds themselves lost or overwhelmed by a dangerous situation, can easily send an SOS alert. This will be sent instantly. Up to three people can be notified at one time ensuring complete protection. Friends, family, and even the police can be used as emergency contacts. You can get help to your elderly relative faster than ever before with this SEEK GPS feature.


5. Unlimited Range Means Protection Anytime, Anywhere

NutTAG’s SEEK GPS has an unlimited range, which will help those who frequently travel for work. International SIM cards are available allowing you to track your loved one from anywhere. You could even take them on holiday with little stress because you’ll be able to track their movements. The emergency alarm will ensure you are informed of any trouble, so you can take instant action. Your elderly family member can still enjoy their life with this feature.

Change your life with NutTAG’s SEEK GPS Tracker

Our loved ones are the most precious gift we have. Seeing them age and face mental health challenges can be heart-breaking, but with NutTAG’s SEEK GPS you can rejuvenate your whole family. These elderly assistive technologies not only benefit the lives of your most precious family members but also improve your life by relieving the pressure that comes with caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The Fall detection and two-way voice feature ensure you can get immediate help to your elderly relative. When they find themselves in any kind of trouble, they can easily use the SOS alerts and an emergency alarm will be triggered. With three people able to respond, you can rest assured your loved one will be safe. Using geo-fence alerts and real-time GPS positioning, you can check in on your loved one at any time and be alerted when they leave the designated safety zone. International capabilities will enrich your family’s life and make travelling to work less stressful. Visit NutTAG’s website for more information on their revolutionary SEEK GPS. You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Protect your elderly loved ones and care for your well-being simultaneously.

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