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5 Reasons NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker for Pets is Best

5 Reasons NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker for Pets is Best

Pets become members of our family. The thought of losing them is too painful. Whether you have a cat or dog, you want to ensure their safety. Keeping track of your precious pet is challenging. NutTAG’s innovative SEEK GPS tracking tag for pets is one of the best available. Urban cats tend to roam about 40 – 200 metres from home, but sometimes they’ll go as far as 1km. Cats need to roam; it’s part of their natural behaviour; however, they sometimes travel too far and get lost. Conversely, dogs shouldn’t be allowed to wander, but tend to run off when excited. Dogs are more prone to fighting over territory, while cats often share territory because of their roaming habits. You can easily monitor your pets with a GPS tracking tag. You might think you don’t need a GPS tracking tag for your pet because they have a microchip. What most people don’t know is a microchip doesn’t track your pet. Its purpose is to store essential information, like your name, phone number and address. A vet or kennel will scan the chip if your pet is found, but there are no tracking features. NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracking tag for pets is the solution. It's the smallest and lightest tracking tag on the Australian market. The tracking tag has a universal collar fitting and lets you track your pet’s movements remotely. Here are the 5 reasons NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker for pets is the best in Australia.

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1. SEEK GPS tracker for pets has live tracking

Pets, especially dogs, get stressed when their owners aren’t at home and sometimes run off. NutTAG’s tracking tag uses GPS so you can track your pets in real time. You can monitor the safety of your pet when you are at work, a party or away on vacation. SEEK GPS tracking tag uses several positioning technologies. You get the most accurate live tracking with a 2-5 metre difference. Your cat can naturally roam without causing stress, and if your dog manages to free themselves, you can easily locate where they’ve run off to.


2. Receive instant notifications and movement alerts

SEEK GPS tracking tag for pets will send you instant notifications. It has sensors that will alert you if your pet leaves the designated safe zone or is in a collision. The tracking tag will also alert you when the battery is running low. Notifications are sent to your mobile device, email or to your NutTAG online portal. You can enable SMS at an extra fee. Movement alerts are also sent via these methods. You can choose what you want to be notified about, like movements outside your geo-fence, and a notification will be sent.


3. SEEK GPS Tracker for pets is international ready

SEEK GPS tracker makes it easy to travel with your pets because it’s international ready. You simply activate global roaming and start tracking. You can reset your geo-fences and safety zones, so your pet has a safe space to play. If you need to leave your pet at home while you are away, you can use NutTAG’s app and online platform to keep an eye on them.


4. Set up geo-fences and monitor historical location records

Geo-fences are simple to set up on NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracking tags. The historical location records kept by NutTAG gives you a more accurate idea of your pets roaming habits. The tracker monitors up to 40 days and can help you create the perfect geo-fence for your pet. You can keep them safe without restricting their fun.


5. SEEK GPS Tracker for pets has superior technology

NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracking tags for pets have a host of other features. It has an ultra-long battery life, which can last up to 28 days on standby mode. There are five power saving modes to choose from. You can extend the battery life from 2 to 16 days. It is water- and splash-proof, meeting the IPX5 standard. SEEK GPS tracking tags emit low radiation, so they won’t harm your animals. They use an optimised, low-energy GPRS system. The “Listen In” feature lets you make a silent call to the tracker, so you can hear if your pet is okay in an emergency.


Keep your pets safe with NutTAG’s GPS Tracker

NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker is an ideal way to keep an eye on your pets when you are away from home or when they roam. Visit https://nuttag.com.au/ for more information on how to get set up with their innovative tracking tags. Your pets will be safe and you will have peace of mind.

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