Silent Time Period

It's great to be notified that you have left something behind when you're out and about, but sometimes Separation alerts aren't necessary. At work and at home, you may not want to be alerted that you've left your keys or items in another room.

Silent Periods allows you to silence all audio alerts for a specific time period each day. Super useful for bed time, work time or any set time period you do not wish to be disturbed.  

Step 1

1. Open the Nut app.

Step 2

2. Tap 'More' in the bottom right.

Step 3

3. Tap 'Silent Mode'.

Step 4

4. Select the 'Silent Period' tab.

Step 5

5. Tap 'Add' and define the name, silent hours and which days this 'Silent Period' should operate.

Enjoy your uninterrupted rest.

Silent Period

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