4G Watch Setup

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> 4G Watch User manual 

Get Started with your 4G GPS Watch

Download the App

options (QR code and search for aibelee plus)

Install SIM Card

Step 1

Use the mini screwdriver (included) to remove the SIM cover on the watch. 

Step 2

Insert a suitable 4G SIM card with the gold side facing upwards and the diagonal corner facing the bottom right corner of the watch – see image for details. 

Step 3

Push the SIM card all the way in until it clicks into place. You may need to use a fingernail very carefully or something to push it all the way in.

Step 4

Lock SIM card cover tightly with the screws after the SIM card is installed to ensure water proofing.

Step 5

Push SIM in slightly until you feel it click to release. 


 image instructions

Register and Connect Device

Step 1

Open the App, new users will need to register a new account by clicking on the bottom right “Register” button.   

Please note that you will need to select the right area you are located in, for example, if you’re in Europe, you need to choose “Area” as Europe. If you’re in Australia, you need to choose “Area” as “Asia and Oceania”.

You also need to input a correct email address to ensure you can reset your password if needed.

Step 2

Complete the registration steps.

Step 3

After successful registration, login to the account, select ‘More’ > Device list > Add device, Click scan icon to scan the QR code on the GPS watch. 
Note: The Registration QR code is the 15-digit registration number found on the QR sticker on the back of the watch, it is not the IMEI barcode number.
app screenshots

Using the Watch, Troubleshooting & Tips

watch buttons

Power on

Hold the power button for 3 seconds to start the watch.

Power off

Option 1: Click the watch ‘More’ / ‘Settings’ / ‘off’ / ‘OK’

Option 2: APP Settings / ‘Remote Shutdown’


Use the magnetic charging lead to attach to the back of the device (it will only connect one way), connect the other end of the cable to the supplied USB charger 5V1A / 5V2A or other source. Please do not use fast charger, use only 5V chargers or USB ports, higher voltage may damage the device.

Watch is offline after setup

Reboot your watch and take it outside for a quick walk or call. 

Charging Issues

If the charge indicator on the watch is off, press and hold the side button for 20 seconds. 

Watch positioning methods

GPS: Most accurate outdoors, as GPS satellites are used.’

Wi-fi: Relatively accurate both indoors and outdoors. Here the clock uses the wi-fi network to find a position.

LBS: Relatively accurate, as the GSM master is used to find a position


Customer service

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