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Protecting Lone Workers

NutTAG Emergency alarms for Protecting Lone Workers

The number of lone workers in Australia has steadily increased as modern workplaces, like factories, gas facilities and labs, require fewer employees on the floor. According to Safe Work Australia, 190 workers were injured at work in 2017. That’s a ratio of 1.5 per 100,000 workers. This is a decrease of 48% from 2007 but is still high. The threat of injury or death is particularly high for lone workers. New WHS/OH&S laws were implemented to improve worker safety. Employers are now responsible for providing effective tracking and communication methods for all workers, especially those working alone. NutTAG SEEK GPS tracker is one of the best lone worker tracking devices on the Australian market. It’s the world’s smallest and lightest GPS tracker. With real-time tracking, 28-day historical footprint data, geo-fencing and the longest battery life, SEEK GPS will ensure the safety of all your lone workers. The app and online portal let you self-manage lone worker tracking. NutTAG has also developed a Smart Watch GPS that is able to withstand many outdoor activities.


Loan worker GPS tracker and SOS safety alarms

Traditional Methods of Lone Worker Protection

Past methods of lone worker tracking were time-consuming and largely ineffective. Employees had to follow pre-scheduled check-ins in person, over the phone or via message. Once checked in and on shift, there weren’t effective methods of ensuring their safety. Another problem was lone workers would often miss calls because they were completing tasks and couldn’t answer the phone. This would initiate panic in supervisors who would then launch expensive emergency searches. Moreover, these practices were ineffective if a lone worker did get injured. Contacting a supervisor wouldn’t be possible if they were knocked unconscious. This is especially bad if it happens right after a scheduled check-in, as the next one would usually occur a few hours later. Supervisors and other employees would also have minimal information if an incident arose; sometimes not knowing who the person was, where they were at the time of the injury or what form of assistance they may need. Companies like NutTAG have developed incredible GPS tracking systems to increase the safety of lone workers. This not only brings peace of mind to employers, but lone workers can also work with more confidence knowing they will be safe in remote locations, which improves worker morale.


Innovations in Lone Worker Tracking

New technologies have revolutionised lone worker tracking systems. Previously, remote tracking only sent an alert for missed check-ins but provided little to no information as to why this may have happened. It is estimated that by the year 2025 over 90% of all Australians will own at least one mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. These trends have inspired all-new ways of protecting lone workers. There are many mobile solutions being developed using GPS to provide more accurate data. NutTAG’s SEEK GPs is the answer to inefficient lone worker tracking practices.

Their ground-breaking technology uses live-tracking GPS, so supervisors and other staff members can track lone workers at all times. The SEEK GPS and SmartWatch uses multiple positioning technologies to provide the most accurate location of lone workers. The powerful app lets you self-manage your team. The SEEK GPS and SmartWatch have emergency SOS features. If a lone worker is injured, falls or leaves the designated geofence zone, an alert will be sent to all mobile devices set up with the app. Employers can then activate an emergency rescue. Two-way communication features allow supervisors to communicate with lone workers in the event of an accident. You can speak with your lone workers directly over the tracking device like a mobile phone. The SEEK GPS tracker and SmartWatch can also be set up to make outgoing calls at an extra fee. You can also set up movement alerts, so you or your supervisor will be instantly notified of any unchartered movements. NutTAG uses superior technology to enhance the battery life of this lone worker tracking device. It has a 28-day standby time, meaning any information you need is available immediately. There are 5 power-saving modes that help to conserve the battery. The battery will last between 2 and 16 days when used regularly. SEEK GPS tracker and SmartWatch are water-resistant meeting the IP65 standard. One of the greatest features is the historical location records kept by this lone worker tracker. You can access up to 40 days of historical data. If a lone worker is injured and for some reason, you can locate them with the GPS, the historical data will show you their most commonly used paths. Using this information, rescue teams can search these areas first and get lone workers to safety fast.


Use the best lone worker tracking to keep employees safe

Ensuring the safety of lone workers is the most important job for supervisors and employers. Your staff are invaluable assets that deserve the peace of mind and protection. Visit www.nuttag.co.au today for more information on the SEEK GPS tracker and SmartWatch. A consultant will help you set up the best solution for your lone worker tracking needs.

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