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Leading BLE Trackers Comparison

Digital Trends Publication - July 28, 2016

Need help deciding which Bluetooth tracker to purchase? The leading brands are the best place to start and each have features which make them useful. The technology review chart can offer some suggestion when looking for purchase security.

NutTag's patent European Nordic chip harnesses a learning algorithm which adapts to your environment and usage. The easy to use smart phone application update's the NutTag monthly with learned software and security features. This adaptable and uniquely scalable engineering is a breakthrough for wearable technology.

Further exclusive NutTag technology and advanced functionality include; Geo-Fence feature, Real-time GPS tracking for friends, four weeks historical GPS footprints, one year battery life (and learning!), huge 50 meter range, separation alert on phone app and tracker; ensures you never lose your phone or your keys with just one NutTag.

All elements considered the NutTag is undoubtedly the most advanced tracker on the market so far, although it is only November, what will we see in 2017? Only time will tell.

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Digital Trends Publication - November 28, 2016

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