25 Million lost items of luggage

25 Million lost items of luggage

Cases of lost luggage are pretty common in airports. You could be going a business trip with laptops...
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In 2015, 23.1 million bags were lost by airlines globally.

Cases of lost luggage are pretty common in airports. You could be going a business trip with laptops, family vacation or just in transit for leisure. In all cases, losing your luggage will undoubtedly throw a spanner in the works and spoil your plans. 

NutTag research conducted through Melbourne Airport lost and found data uncovered some very interesting statistics. 

According to airport data, average regular travelers lose their luggage about five times each year. That is pretty scary especially if you travel frequently.

In Australia, close to a million bags were lost in 2014 and slightly over a million the previous year. Melbourne Airport leads in the number of lost luggage in Australia. It is estimated that about 3,000 bags were lost in 2015 up from 2700 in 2014. 

There is so much lost luggage around the world. This is so much that Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama US, which specializes in auctioning unclaimed luggage, has become the state’s largest tourist attraction. 

Airlines lose about 7 bags in every 1000 travelers onboard. The chances of the airline losing your bag are slim at about 0.7%. Most of the time, we lose our own luggage. This is another reason why we should have Nut Tag to help us track our luggage as we travel. 


Nut Tag can help you too. 

We can all attest to the stress and disruptions that comes about with airport transit and the potential loss of luggage. 

Fortunately, Nut Tag can help to prevent such cases. With our leading low-key Bluetooth tracking service, you can recover your luggage in no time. All you have to do is buy the tracking devices and log into the service via your mobile phone. It is easy as that! What is more? Fellow Nut Tag members can help you track the luggage at any airport in the world. You just need to share the tag unique address with the community. It may not happen on your next trip, but it is scary enough to make sure you include a Nut Tag on your luggage and travel in peace. 

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