Your SEEK GPS for Kids is $199 and includes 1-month FREE access 

OR $299 with 1 year access data SIM inclusive.

Our SIM cards are embedded in the GPS – so they are ready for use out of the box. There are no contracts, so you can let the subscription expire and not renew if you choose.

Once the month is complete, you will need to select a plan below for each device. The subscription covers the running costs for your device, including:

- 3G SIM
- SIM data
- Self-managed mobile Apps (including the latest software updates)
- The web portal, as well as server-side functions 
- History log
 - Data security
- Hotline support 
- 24hr email support
- LiveChat support 
- User manual and video tutorials available online

* Strict 14 day return policy  




Recommended Services – 
850MHz (Telstra) – For use in Americas

900MHz (Vodafone) – For use in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa

Please contact support to confirm coverage.

* Includes Telstra or Vodafone National service and inbound calls only.
* Basic subscription doesn't include SMS credit, outbound calls, for global use there will be added chargers. (please contact support to activate Global Roaming).