Tracking - Pets


For Pets we suggest SEEK GPS for Pets

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Bluetooth tags are only suitable for indoor pets. For pets which are free to roam outdoors we recommend a dedicated SEEK GPS unit for Live Tracking with NO Range limitations

  1. Real time tracking. Know where your pet is at all times offers the highest level of security.
  2. Geo-fence alerts, set a safety radius and be notified if this area has been entered or breached.
  3. See where they have been for the last 28 days.

This product is also great for: Car Kids Luggage Bike elderly

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We also recommend for indoor pets:

Purchase NutTAG FOCUS was $38.95 NOW From $36.95 Keep your pets safe with a Bluetooth tag.

  1. Locate your pet when it is hiding within the house.
  2. Be notified when your pet may have left the premises or is more than your 40m from you.