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The world’s smallest & lightest pet GPS tracker

Small and powerful, NutTAG™ SEEK GPS is a user-friendly and simple solution for dog tracking –keep an eye on them remotely via the Online Portal and mobile App. Fitting is easy, the pouch bag accessory is designed for easy attachment to any pets collar.

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This is peace of mind. We have a new dog, a rescue one who has had problems in the past with being reactive to his environment - that is why we are presently fostering him. Out Nuttag, attached to his collar, gives us the peace of mind that if he gets out of our property we will be able to quickly follow and find him, before he becomes too lost and disoriented - it is a lifesaver, literally

Mark M.

GPS for Pets


The GPS unit is designed with an IP rating of 65, this allows for streams of water like hosing your pet will be fine, however the unit will not like to be submerged in water.

Battery levels are dependant on your individual settings. The most effective settings which can gain 1-5 days is accelerometer activation (place the unit into deep sleep mode when not moving) and extend your reporting interval from seconds to multiple times per day.

The SEEK GPS device is $269, for the device and first year of Telstra service.

Unlike other GPS devices the SEEK comes with a SIM included, so your device is ready for use out of the box, with Monthly costs, no hidden costs and No Contracts!

The second year subscription is only $45!

Yes it does, the pouch bag is designed to universally fit any dog collar, it is made of a wetsuit material for all weather durability.


We have launched an new app and Web portal, designed and developed right here in Melbourne!

The app gives you full control of your GPS device from your phone with ease.
Search NutTAG GPS app in your app store to test it out.

We know after sales support is important that is why we now have a new support hotline and Live chat 9-5 Monday to Friday. All emails are responded to within 1-14hrs.

Hotline - 1300 66 22 80
Email -


We purchase 75,000 SIMS each month, so we are happy to pass on our wholesale rate

GPS is used for real-time or live tracking, see location activity and manage your GPS features via the easy to use Mobile App and Web Portal from anywhere in the world. Your Pets GPS has no range limitations.

Notifications and Alerts are sent directly to your App and Online Portal. You can also request for these to be sent via SMS however for this feature you will require an SMS pack. You can purchase this within the accessories on the purchase page.

The majority of GPS units available on the international market are made for use on 2G cell service. In 2017 Australia has forced the upgrade of all cell active services to 3G / 4G. Our GPS products are fully certified to meet Australian & International standards – so they are compatible in Aus as well as anywhere else in the world.


Access anywhere

Check your device's data online and on the go. See our web portal at and download our new app

Advanced GPS features designed to protect your pet

SEEK GPS is the a perfect accessory for every pet owner, it creates confidence and piece-of-mind when out and about, ensuring your pet is always safe.

Setup a virtual safe zone with Geo-fences and be alerted if your pet enters or exits the zone. Perfect protection for your pet whilst you are at work and great for holiday.

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5 Reasons NutTAG’s SEEK GPS tracker for Pets is Best

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