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Simple, instant & limitless GPS tracking for your pet.

Australia's Smallest GPS

Australia's most advanced Pet GPS tracker - meet Spot

Whether you have an adventure or an escape artist, Spot will help you Track, Monitor and Protect your cats and dogs anywhere, anytime.

Designed for purpose, packed with the latest technology and features, the new Spot is a must-have for any pet owner.

Ready to use

Tracking specialists

Why NutTAG?

True blue Aussie

The only Australian-designed and operated GPS tracking on the market.

Love it guarantee

Love it or leave it with our 30-day money-back policy.

Built for purpose

Our mission is to protect the ones we care about even when we’re apart.

All features

The best in tracking & monitoring technology

4G LTE Connectivity

Supports various 4G bands, and can also fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage

Long Battery Life

Depending on usage, the battery lasts up to 3 to 7 days with a low battery alert via the app


At just 30 grams, it slides easily onto your pet's collar and is IPX7 waterproof standard


Set your pet's boundary with geofencing and receive alerts when they enter or exit the area

Live GPS Tracking

Instant & exact location of your pet

Tracking App

Download our free app and easily connect & control your device

Home Wi-Fi & Beacon

Optimise your battery life and track your pet’s in-home/out-of-home location

Fit any collar

Spot easily fits almost every collar, with no need for extra accessories

Alerts & Notifications

Our alerts can be sent via app push notifications, email and SMS text

Ready to use

Spot comes with the SIM pre-installed and 1 year of service included.

Spot in action

Your simple, affordable pet tracking solution

NutTAG’s Spot 4G GPS Pet Tracker is ready to use instantly and comes with our 4G GPS tracker, charging cable and instruction manual.

📱 Free mobile app access

🇦🇺 Local Australian-based support

⭐️ 1-Year warranty

🤩 No lock-in contracts!

Ready to go

Set-up in 3 easy steps

1. Choose your provider

We offer a 1-year plan with SIM + service, just choose your provider

2. Add device to App

Download our free app here, create your account and add your device.

3. Start tracking

You're all set and ready to start tracking your furrbaby!

This is peace of mind. We have a new dog, a rescue one who has had problems in the past with being reactive to his environment - that is why we are presently fostering him. Out Nuttag, attached to his collar, gives us the peace of mind that if he gets out of our property we will be able to quickly follow and find him, before he becomes too lost and disoriented - it is a lifesaver, literally

Mark M.

Never lost with GPS tracking

Every year 200,000 pets go missing in Australia. On average, only 14,000 missing pets were reunited with their owners through the RSPCA (approximately 8.5 thousand dogs and 2.5 thousand cats).

To avoid the trauma and stress that goes with losing and searching for your lost pet, NutTAG’s Spot 4G GPS Pet Tracker allows you to easily monitor their location in real-time from your mobile app.

About us

About NutTAG

Our mission is to provide every Australian with accessibility, freedom and independence. 

That’s why NutTAG’s Australian-designed and built GPS tracking devices keep your loved ones and possessions safe with easy setup, no maintenance and affordable pricing.

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For ordering, assistance, or other questions.

Making sure your pet is safe from any dangers is now easier with a pet tracker. When it comes to taking care of your dog, you need to make sure you have an access to their location in case of an emergency. You can take your pet out on a walk without worrying about your pet wandering away or getting lost.

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Are you looking for a dog GPS tracker?

NutTAG brings a range of reliable, high-performance and feature-equipped dog-tracking collars. The collars allow you to always keep track of your dog’s location even when you are not at home. The dog tracker is extremely lightweight and easy to wear.

We also have cat tracker collars that will allow you to find your pet without any hassle or stress. You can receive instant notifications regardless of where you are.