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Meet the most advanced commercial GPS Tracker

Small and powerful, NutTAG™ B2 is a user-friendly and simple solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track and produce valuable information about your motor vehicle fleet.

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I live in a rural town and needed a small reliable GPS tracker for my dirt bike. After a lot of research into many other companies and suppliers. NutTAG we’re able to supply me with what I needed.

Allan S.



The unit is $199, you will then require a subscription. We offer Vodafone ($95 per annum) which is typically fine inner city and Telstra ($185 per annum) which is best for outside metro areas, having less coverage. You can find which will work best in your area by searching your post code in the coverage map.

SEEK GPS is contract free, subscriptions are pre-paid yearly at wholesale rate. A member of the connections team will be in touch when it is time to renew.


The majority of GPS units available on the international market are made for use on 2G cell service. In 2017 Australia has forced the upgrade of all cell active services to 3G / 4G. Our GPS products are fully certified to meet Australian & International standards – so they are compatible in Aus as well as anywhere else in the world.


Vehicle tracking is about accuracy. SEEK GPS connects to a professional online portal with powerful features to accurately track your vehicles and fleet.

Easily mount your unit discretely and connect power in minutes with USB included or include an AUX Power Cable, purchasable on check-out.

Portal & App

Access anywhere

Check your device's data online and on the go. See our web portal at my.nuttag.com.au and download our new app

Professional Vehicle Tracking

You wont need an auto-electrician. Installation and removal is easy and super convenient with the B2 GPS. Purchase 3M commercial grade adhesive tape to discretely mount your unit.

Connecting the power AUX cable is east, they don’t come with the unit so ensure you purchase these accessories on check-out.

B2 GPS is designed to be permanent or transferable amongst your assets, a powerful multi-purpose tracker.

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Vehicle GPS Tracker

If you need a reliable vehicle GPS tracker to track your vehicle in real-time, you can count on the product range offered by the team of NutTAG. We take pride in bringing a wide range of GPS trackers designed to offer more safety and convenience and take the hassle out of the process. Our GPS trackers are equipped with some of the best features that make it easier for you to track your vehicle or recover a stolen vehicle faster.

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Get a high-quality GPS tracker for your car

Our GPS tracker for cars works in such a way that you’ll receive instant notifications and alerts. The tracker can be plugged into your car and send the exact location of your vehicle.

We also supply bike GPS trackers. You can use the tracker to find your bike at any given time or in case of an emergency. If your bike is missing or stolen, you can quickly locate it and get it back on time.