4G Seek PRO keeps your loved ones safe

Ready to use

NEW 4G Seek PRO Safety Device

<mark>NEW</mark> Seek PRO, the most advanced personal safety alarm & GPS tracker

Our NEW, most advanced personal emergency device, designed with 10 years of industry experience. Keep your loved ones safe with ease.

With all the key features you require:
4G, instant SOS alarm, Geofence, Two-way calling, waterproof, voice prompt, Fall detection & more

Starting from just $325

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4G Smartwatch

NEW - 4G Watch for Elderly

Protect your loved ones in with the New stylish 4G watch. Set safety regions on your app to enable Geo-Fence alerts, access up to 90 days of historical footprints, easy access emergency SOS button

“NutTAG’s NEW 4G / 3G watch is the market leader!”

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Bought the GPS tracker for my dad who doesn't want to carry a mobile phone and love to go outside walking every day. With this device, we now can track where he goes and my mum don't need to worry where he is. Great size device just attached to the keys. Work as expected. Good and very helpful customer service.

Tan D.


Why NutTAG?

True blue Aussie

The only Australian-designed and operated GPS tracking on the market.

Love it guarantee

Love it or leave it with our 30-day money-back policy (14-day for Watches).

Built for purpose

Our mission is to protect the ones we care about even when we’re apart.


The best in tracking and monitoring technology

SOS Emergency

It sends SOS alarm in real-time with the complete location details of the device if a person that is in danger presses the SOS/panic button.

Fall Detection

Be notified if a potential fall or collision has taken place. Fast alerts allow you to react promptly.

4G LTE Connectivity

Supports various 4G bands, and can also fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage


Wear your device In the shower for safety and peace of mind to alert your loved ones if you find yourself in any emergency situation.

Wandering Management

Set your loved one's boundary with geofencing and receive alerts when they enter or exit your defined area

Long Battery Life

Depending on usage, the battery lasts up to 1 to 7 days with a low battery alert via the app.

24/7 Monitoring

Get a professional 24/7 monitoring service with impressive fast response times - calls through to speak to a genuine person.

Live GPS Tracking

Instant & exact location of your loved one

Two-way Calling

Use two-way calling to call your loved ones at any time, they can even call you with the touch of a button

Free Tracking App

Download our free app and easily connect & control your device

Home Wi-Fi & Beacon

Optimise your battery life and track your loved one’s in-home/out-of-home location

Alerts & Notifications

Our alerts can be sent via app push notifications, email and SMS text. The device can also speak to you!

Ready to use

Our devices comes with the SIM pre-installed and 1 year of service included (BYO optional)

Motion alerts

Set custom no motion alerts like "has not moved for 24 hours" and ensure your loved one is keeping active

Voice Prompts

Your Guardian device will send Voice Alerts stating the status of your device, and prompts such as a call being made to an emergency contact


Set-up in 3 easy steps

1. Choose your provider

We offer a 1-year plan with SIM + service, just choose your provider

2. Add device to App

Download our free app here, create your account and add your device.

3. Start tracking

You're all set and ready to start tracking your loved one!



Unlike others, we have simple pricing. We offer one upfront cost with no other ongoing fees or charges. A SEEK GPS with a Vodafone($279) SIM service which is typically fine inner city and Real Telstra($349) SIM service which is best for use Australia wide. You can find which will work best in your area by searching your postcode in the coverage map.

If you would like you can use your own SIM.

Unlike other GPS devices the SEEK is ready for use out of the box, with no hidden costs and No Contracts!

The second-year subscription is only $45!

The 4G Watch does not come with a SIM, you will have to purchase and manage this yourself. If you would like help please ask we are here to help.

We offer two bands 850Mhz (Telstra) and 900Mhz (Vodafone) please see international coverage map and select the unit which suits the locations you will visit.


We know support is important that is why we now have a new support hotline and Live chat 9-5 Monday to Friday. All emails are responded to within 1-14hrs.

Hotline - 1300 66 22 80

Email - support@nuttag.com.au

Battery life can vary based on your requirement for reporting, this means you can ask the unit to update on on location every 10 seconds or daily, the battery life can last up to 15 days dependant on your requirement.

The new app has a number of custom battery saving modes like Response mode, which will enable your GPS last ~1-4days without charging.

We have launched an new app and Web portal, designed and developed right here in Melbourne!

The app gives you full control of your GPS device from your phone with ease.

Search NutTAG GPS app in your app store to test it out.


Yes, we are partnered with NDIS, Yoralla, Independent Living Centre.

Notifications and Alerts are sent directly to your App and Online Portal. You can also request for these to be sent via SMS however for this featre you will require an SMS pack. You can purchase this within the accessories on the purchase page.

The unit is made to withstand water sprays like shower time. However it will not like to be submerged for a long period.

Yes, this unit is designed to keep your loved ones safe, notifications will be sent to your App, if you require SMS alerts you can purchase an SMS pack within the accessories on the purchase page.


Access anywhere

Check your device's data online and on the go. See our web portal at my.nuttag.com.au and download our new app

Dementia & Alzheimers

Wandering safely is now possible

Aged Care assistive technology helps keep loved ones safe through constant visibility, also by simultaneously notifying family and careers if your safe zones have been breached.

SEEK GPS is designed to seamlessly integrate into their lifestyle and offer piece of mind through the confidence that you can constantly monitor, locate and receive warnings when it counts.

We proudly support national Aged Care associations with assistive technology within Australia and NZ; NDIS, Yoralla, Independent Living Centre.

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Personal alarm for elderly

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with a high-quality aged care watch. You can find a wide range of personal safety devices at the best prices at NutTAG. We specialise in supplying durable, compatible and reliable GPS Trackers and GPS Watches for kids, pets and the elderly.

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Our GPS watches come with the facility of a personal alarm for the elderly; making it easier for you to receive an alert in case of a personal or medical emergency. The devices are specifically designed to enhance the safety of your loved ones even when you are not around. With 24-hour monitoring and live location tracking, you will get alerts and notifications of your loved ones. The waterproof exteriors of the medical alarms make them the right fit for everyday use.

Get peace of mind with Senior Smart Watches

If you need a senior smart watch for your family or friends, you are at the right place. Our smart watches range comes with the option of personal alarms, allowing you to have complete control over the situation in case a medical emergency arise.

Senior smart watches enable elderly people to stay independent and offer peace of mind to the family. The watches are extremely lightweight and portable.