Monitoring Center

24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre

Monitoring center

Peace of mind 24/7

All Care Monitoring are our valued partners that share-alike values and priorities which are set to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our customers.

Providing impressive fast response times to our customers which instantly calls through to speak to a genuine person. The team are certified to contact Police, Fire or Ambulance in any case of an emergency while maintaining kindness for which they are recognised.

Monitoring center

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that our customers have peace of mind knowing we will be accountable for providing real-time support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will always be there for you and ensure that you never miss an emergency. Rest assured that your loved ones are safe with us, anytime!

24/7 Monitoring

Why choose 24/7 monitoring?

Certified Operators

Our team of highly skilled and fully licensed operators, with certified response times that exceed industry standards, are available 24/7 to provide round-the-clock monitoring and technical support for your peace of mind.

Cutting Edge Technology

Utilising cutting-edge technology, our monitoring facility is equipped with UPS and generator back-up capabilities, providing uninterrupted operations, fortified data integrity, and secure facilities.


Enjoy interpreter services. Our platform lets you communicate alarms, access data reports, and listen to audio recordings of events. We are proudly Australian and dedicated to delivering exceptional service.