SEEK GPS Xmas Special


Real-time GPS positioning so you can keep track of your loved ones from anywhere via your mobile App or web. Geo-fence alerts, emergency SOS button, fall detection and two way communication.
Ready For Use: SIM Incl, 1yr Service, Mobile Apps, Web Portal, Local Support.

  • SEEK GPS $199
    + 1yr Subscription (Telstra)

    $249.45 $528.40
  • SEEK GPS $199
    + 1yr Subscription (Vodafone)

    $249.45 $528.40
  • SEEK GPS $199
    + 1yr Subscription (Telstra)

    $249.45 $528.40
  • SEEK GPS $199
    + 1yr Subscription (Vodafone)

    $249.45 $528.40
7 Day Local Support
1 Year Warranty
FREE Delivery (Aus)
30 Day Guarantee


Whats in the box?


Charging Dock + USB charging cable
+ Aus outlet

Select Telstra or Vodafone
(SIM pre-installed)

Unit Specifications

  • Range

    International SIM available

  • Water Resistant

    IPX5 Standard
    Wearable in shower

  • Dimensions & Weight

    • 6.1 x 4.3 x 1.6 cm

    • 40g

  • Battery Life

    • Locate mode 28day
      Deep sleep mode, Standby

    • Regular use 2-15 days
      Based on power saving modes


Android: Android 4.0 +

Apple IOS: Apple iOS 7 +

Online Web Portal

Download the NEW app


Are there any on-going costs?

No we do not do contracts or lock-in subscriptions, if you choose to let your subscription laps you can.

What is the cost after the first year?

The following year is $45.